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From our latest Novel:

There comes a time in every little girl’s life where she has to grow up. For daydreaming Orabella, that means thinking about high school. On the last day of junior high, Orabella takes time deciding what path she wants to go down: homeschooling or the traditional school system. It’s going to be hard not having her friends around, who have always understood her ADHD, dyslexia, social anxiety and never judged her for it. Yet ever since the eve of her community centre’s party, Orabella hasn’t been able to shake the feeling that something— or someone— has been watching her. Something dark and unsettling, that seems to take the shape of one of her classmates. The feeling doesn’t stop even when she returns home. 

It’s that same sense of dark, mysterious dread that plagues Orabella when her parents suddenly vanish into thin air, leaving her alone and confused. 

Orabella becomes left with more questions than answers, and she hopes her grandparents might be able to shed light upon the mystery. As she stays with them, Orabella learns that her family is more than they seem, and their legacy ends with her. She’s woefully out of her element as she steps into the role her ancestors left behind, but if it helps Orabella find her lost parents, she’ll do whatever it takes

Orabella is a Neurodivergent heroine, The first female Soljourner and what appears to be the last of her kind. 

The Authors


Award-Winning Writer

Esabella A.K. Strickland




Lisa Wartur

Noodle Head Productions


Vancouver BC Canada 

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