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“Then and There Here and Where is a very relatable story about how Orabella uses the power that all girls have within them plus some awesome mystical powers she picks up from her ancestry along the way. The story reinforces great morals for young girls alongside the protagonist learning them herself. Orabella takes on time-travel, focus, internal power, bullies, fears, focus, family and self-discovery. Congrats to Esabella and Michael on bringing together mythology, pop culture and original storytelling”  Piper Reese Age 16 – Celebrity Interviewer


“I found it incredibly entertaining and loved all the magic.  Along with the magic there is so much more.  I found this story so empowering for young girls and there are so many important lessons taught a long the way.  Topics such as death, bullying, the female cycle, how to remain present, learning not to respond emotionally and so many more important life skills are covered.  This book provides instructions for life wrapped up in such an entertaining and magical story.  I am a Mother to four daughters and even though not one of them is an Oracle I see each of them in Orabella.  I really love the character Orabella because  even though she was part of something very magical she is still just a regular girl with the same emotions and challenges as all of us.”  Cathy – Mom to 4 GenZ Daughters


“I felt that this was a great story because it showed how she learned to believe in herself and take chances and she realized that she had different strengths and abilities that others may not. I would recommend this book to preteen and teens, especially girls, although the lessons taught in this book can apply to everyone. interesting books for young adults ”  Kelly – Mom to a GenZ Daughter and Son


“I absolutely loved this story. It had me yearning for the next chapter. I could not wait to find out what was going to happen. A true adventure that keeps you clinging to the next words. Even thought I was waiting to see what would happen, every time something new would happen it would not disappoint. It reminded me of a cross between Charmed, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and The Wizard of OZ combines, but all new and fresh. I am an avid reader and I highly recommend this book” Ava Bianchi  Age 13- Actress


“I found this book to be a story that delves into a mystical journey of self discovery and understanding. It is a wonderful blend of reality and fantasy comparing Orabella's bullies in real life to the characters in her journey. A captivating story about Orabella's adventures with mythical fairies and her mission to protect the tree of life.”  Christian Michael Cooper Age 10 - Actor 




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